Windows - the OpenVPN guide

REQUIREMENTS: It is expected, that you already have the iWatchTVAbroad account with active VPN service. Otherwise, please Sign Up first.
  1. Download and install the OpenVPN Windows installation package v2.2.2.
  2. Download the OpenVPN configuration files and CA certificate.
  3. Unzip all *.ovpn files (each file is for one VPN server) and iwatchtvabroad-ca.pem files to your openvpn configuration directory: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.
  4. Start OpenVPN GUI. For example from START->Programs->OpenVPN->OpenVPN GUI.
  5. Right-Click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in your system tray, choose suitable server location and then choose "Connect".
  6. Enter your iWatchTVAbroad VPN login details - your VPN Username and Password and press the "OK" button.

    The VPN username is your long username (i.e.
    You can find the VPN username and password and VPN Server List in your Members Area.

    IMPORTANT: Please mind, that if you want to watch UK TV channels like BBC iPlayer, you need to be connected to some of our UK VPN servers. The same holds true for watching US channels like Netflix.
  7. If the OpenVPN GUI icon in your system tray is green, you are successfully connected.
  8. Now you have to configure DNS servers for the TAP-WIN32 interface in your Network Connections. Configure static DNS servers to Google Public DNS or OpenVPN DNS servers.

  9. Once you are successfully connected to the iWatchTVAbroad VPN, you should be able to access your favorite UK or US TV channel. You can find some of available TV channels on our Channels page.