iPhone, iPod, iPad - the OpenVPN guide

REQUIREMENTS: It is expected, that you already have the iWatchTVAbroad account with active VPN service. Otherwise, please Sign Up first.

Using this guide you will be able to connect VPN using port TCP 443 which should work even if other VPN protocols are disabled. Your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) MUST BE Jailbroken.

  1. Download and install Application GuizmOVPN using Cydia.
  2. Start GuizmOVPN
  3. In "General" tab click on "Download new configuration".
  4. Enter one of following URLs (depends on which server do you prefer):
    1. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/uk.zip
    2. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/uk2.zip
    3. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/uk3.zip
    4. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/uk4.zip
    5. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/uk5.zip
    6. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/uk6.zip
    7. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/us.zip
    8. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/us2.zip
    9. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/us3.zip
    10. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/us4.zip
    11. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/us5.zip
    12. http://iWatchTVAbroad.com/data/us6.zip
  5. The downloaded configuration will appear in the list. Select it and set "Connect = ON"
  6. Enter your iWatchTVAbroad VPN username and password.

    The VPN username is your long username (i.e. your_username@iwatchtvabroad.com).
    You can find the VPN username and password and VPN Server List in your Members Area.

    IMPORTANT: Please mind, that if you want to watch UK TV channels like BBC iPlayer, you need to be connected to some of our UK VPN servers. The same holds true for watching US channels like Netflix.
  7. Then open the "Log" tab and wait until you see "Initialization Sequence Completed".
  8. Don't close the app, just switch for example to Safari and verify whether your IP has changed. For example at this page.
  9. Once you are successfully connected to the iWatchTVAbroad VPN, you should be able to access your favorite UK or US TV channel. You can find some of available TV channels on our Channels page.