Linux Ubuntu - the OpenVPN guide

REQUIREMENTS: It is expected, that you already have the iWatchTVAbroad account with active VPN service. Otherwise, please Sign Up first.

This is Command Line version Guide. OpenVPN Network Manager plugin seems to be buggy.

  1. Install the latest OpenVPN package (depends on your Linux distribution).
  2. Download the OpenVPN configuration files and CA certificate.
  3. Unzip all *.ovpn files (each file is for one VPN server) and iwatchtvabroad-ca.pem files to some directory. For example to your HOME directory.
  4. Open terminal as a ROOT and change to directory which contain previously unzipped files.
  5. Then start your openVPN connection in terminal using for example this command (czech server): openvpn --config uk6_united_kingdom.ovpn
  6. Enter your iWatchTVAbroad VPN login details - your VPN Username and VPN Password.

    The VPN username is your long username (i.e.
    You can find the VPN username and password and VPN Server List in your Members Area.

    IMPORTANT: Please mind, that if you want to watch UK TV channels like BBC iPlayer, you need to be connected to some of our UK VPN servers. The same holds true for watching US channels like Netflix.
  7. If you can see the message "Initialization Sequence Completed" your openvpn connection is established.
  8. Once you are successfully connected to the iWatchTVAbroad VPN, you should be able to access your favorite UK or US TV channel. You can find some of available TV channels on our Channels page.

If you have problem with opening pages. It is probably problem with automatic DNS or ROUTE configuration.
Please check your /etc/resolv.conf file and add right DNS configuration. You can use for example Free DNS servers from

NOTE for CHINA users:Please use alternative this: OpenVPN configuration files and CA certificate