I can not access BBC iPlayer, Hulu and other UK / US resources.

  • You are connecting to different VPN server than UK / US server.
  • Only UK VPN server allows to access UK resources like BBC iPlayer etc.
  • Only US VPN server allows to access US resources like Hulu etc.
  • You have previously accessed the TV website without the VPN connected and the TV website remembers, that you are in different location than UK or US (Cookies in your web browser).

Try to follow next steps:

  1. Set one of UK / US VPN servers in your VPN client configuration. See this guide.
  2. You can find all available VPN servers and addresses in Members Area
  3. If you are sure, that you are connected to the correct VPN server, please try to remove all recent history (Cookies) from your web browser or use another one.