iOS guide

How to connect the VPN - iPhone, iPad, iPod

  1. Download the iWatchTVAbroad VPN profile:

    IMPORTANT: Please mind, that the Download buttons works only in Safari web browser.

  2. Install the iWatchTVAbroad VPN profile on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
  3. Once the profile is successfully installed, open the "Settings" application on your iOS device.
  4. The installed profile should show up. Choose "VPN".
  5. Optionally select the server which you want connect. For example Watch UK TV - UK6 for watching BBC iPlayer. If the VPN server doesn't work, please try another one.

    IMPORTANT: Please mind, that if you want to watch UK TV channels like BBC iPlayer, you need to be connected to some of our UK VPN servers. The same holds true for watching US channels like Netflix.
  6. Switch "VPN" ON.
  7. Once you are successfully connected to the iWatchTVAbroad VPN, you should be able to access your favorite UK or US TV channel. You can find some of available TV channels on our Channels page.
  8. If you want to remove the profile, navigate to Settings > General > Profiles, choose the iWatchTVAbroad VPN Profile and click on Remove.

iOS download is available only for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Please open this page on your iOS device.