How to watch iTV Player abroad?

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If you read this article you probably well know the annoying message on the next image, that the video is not available to play in our region. For instance, you are a paid user on iTV player and you are abroad on a vacation. If you want to enjoy your iTV favorite TV shows outside the UK, you just can't. Why is this happening? How can I solve the problem? We are offering answers and the solution in this article.

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What is the problem?

The main problem is geographical restriction of iTV. According to iTV conditions it not possible to watch iTV Player outside the United Kingdom due to avoiding broadcasting the iTV globally. It doesn't matter whether you are a paid subscriber or not. The iTV Player is blocked for everyone once you get outside the UK.

What is the solution?

If you are experiencing the same troubles described above, the iWatchTVAbroad is the right choice for you.

iWatchTVAbroad offers an access to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers located in the United Kingdom. When you connect some of our UK VPN servers, your device gets an IP address from the location of the VPN server and it seems, that you are located in the UK. This mechanism allows you to bypass the geographical restriction of the online TV providers and helps you to watch your favorite online TV even abroad.

With iWatchTVAbroad VPN service you can enjoy all advantages of using the iTV Player including iTV, iTV2, iTV3, iTV4 channels and many more. We are excited to give you an opportunity to enjoy all your favorite iTV Player channels even you are outside the UK on vacation or business trip.

ZIP code verification?

Yes, the iTV player has started verifying their users by ZIP code. There is no problem if you own UK ZIP code, but what if you don't have any UK ZIP code?

If you don't have any ZIP code from UK region, try to use these examples EC1V 9FR, SE21 8ER which has been tested and works fine or generate a random ZIP code using ZIP code generator.

Can I watch iTV Player now?

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