How to earn money with iWatchTVAbroad?

If you like the iWatchTVAbroad VPN service and want to earn some extra money, help us to share your good experiences with other people. Simply place the unique affiliate link on your website, blog or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc...) and get 3 USD for each new paid customer.

How it works?

The affiliate system is cookies based system. It means that our system remembers each user who accessed our website from your unique affiliate link placed on your websites, blog or social media. Once the user purchase any of our services and become a paid customer (it doesn't matter how long it takes), we will add 3 USD to your credit balance. The credit balance can be exchanged for iWatchTVAbroad service or paid to your PayPal account.

Simple implementation

The implementation has never been easier:

  1. Generate the Affiliate Link.
  2. Place the Affiliate Link on you websites, blog or social media.
  3. Wait for bonus from the customer's first payment.

How to withdraw?

Once you have enough credit in your credit balance, you can perform a withdraw. There are two ways how you can withdraw your credit balance:

  1. Exchange the credit for iWatchTVAbroad service.
  2. Get paid to your PayPal account.

How can I start as Affiliate?

If you already have an account:

Otherwise, sign up first: